Friday, October 2, 2009

Update about Bagyong Pepeng (Parma)

Forwarded text message:

From Cecille Lardizabal of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Correspondent.
"We just got a message here at work. Most of us are already being asked to prepare. Here's the summary:"

1. Typhoon Pepeng is classified as Type 5 Hurricane (same as Katrina).
2. Critical hour is 9:00pm so please go home already. Charge phone because Meralco will shut down areas tonight.
3. Winds and rain stronger than Milenyo.
4. Metro Manila will still be hit by the body/tail.

It's important to be ready with flashlight, rope, food, medicine and PRAYER!

Please go home and pass this message along - this message is not to scare us, instead to warn us of some possibilites. No harm on being cautious and being aware. Keep safe!