Thursday, February 26, 2009

a "vampire" dream

i was Über late with my 1st class today (7:00 am), mom just woke me up at 7:20, good thing still early for my next class. (FYI, i just work at home) :) but i made it up to my Korean student (yep, imah teacher to Koreans), i adjusted our time, from 7am, I asked her if we can study at 8am, fortunately, twas okay with her, yey!

i duno why, but maybe because my dream was soooo nice :) haha.. i dreamt that i was a vampire (okay, this is nothing to do with Twilight) :p but not just a vampire - their most special one! the princess (or maybe the queen?) i'm not just so sure, but my "people" were trying to protect me from the other kind of vampire - yep, there were two kinds in my dream, i'm not just sure whether we are the good one or not. anyways, they were fighting and asked me to hide so that our enemy won't see me, but when i can't stand it anymore just watching them fighting without me, i also started attacking the "other" tribe. it really felt good because in there, i was a good fighter! :) i felt like a super human being. :) (yeah, obviously, i enjoyed it a lot) - the funny thing was, i saw ms. ai ai delas alas, (the filipino actress) and i killed her too. (well, in my dream, she's one of the "other" vampires).

the difference bet. us (vampires) was that our kind has pupils that are bigger than a normal person has, and it's really dark (really really black), and the other kinds' eyes are like a cat's.

and then.. poof! i heard my mom saying HEY!!!! DON'T YOU HAVE A CLASS!!!!????