Monday, March 30, 2009

laught trip (pops and jomari break-up)

The very solemn reason behind the Pops-Jomari breakup

Concert Queen Pops Fernandez and Jomari Yllana have each confirmed their breakup but neither has spoken up about the real reason behind it, prompting rumors that money-related matters or a possible third party caused it.
But Good Times Manila learned from a source who personally witnessed the breakup that neither of those was the real reason.
According to the source, a waiter at a five-star hotel where the breakup became official, the couple had a “long and calm” discussion until they arrived at a mutual agreement to split up.
GTM asked the source to reconstruct the scene as well as the dialogue.
Disclaimer: GTM is not responsible for any creative or dramatic license the source might have added to the source material, like what ABS-CBN’s anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya did.
The source’s account follows:
Pops: …what I’m just saying is, it’s not right.
Jomari: Ano’ng ibig mo’ng sabihin? I already said it meant nothing.
Pops: It obviously meant something. You were both laughing like crazy.
Jomari: So what if we were? Usapang lalaki lang yun, babe.
Pops: Why won’t you just tell me what you were talking about?
Jomari: Bakit? Dapat ko ba’ng ireport sa yo lahat ng conversations ko?
Pops: No naman. My point simply is I want to know.
Jomari: Why?
Pops: I don’t know.
Jomari: See? You don’t even know.
Pops: Pero why don’t you just say it kasi? Nakakahiya ba?
Jomari: No. Nothing like that. Like I said, usapang lalaki lang yun.
Pops: Usapang lalaki. But we talk about stuff like that all the time, di ba? What’s different here?
Jomari: We don’t talk about that. Babe, just leave it. Please?
Pops: I don’t want to.
Jomari: Why are you so curious?
Pops: Because you were laughing so hard and you were both looking at me! Sino’ng hindi macu-curious?
Jomari: Shempre nandun ka sa loob. Sino pa’ng titingnan namin? Nobody else was inside the pet shop.
Pops: So what were you laughing about?
Jomari: Wala nga, babe e.
Pops: Was it about me?
Jomari: No!
Pops: It’s about me yata e.
Jomari: I swear it’s NOT.
Pops: I’m going to walk out.
Jomari: C’mon babe. Sit down.
Pops: Joms, if you don’t tell me what you were talking about, I’m walking out now.
Jomari: You really want to know?
Pops: Yes!
Jomari: Okay. But before I say it, I want you to know that it had nothing to do with you.
Pops: Bakit my disclaimer pa?
Jomari: E kilala kita e. Basta just hear out the whole story first, okay?
Pops: Okay fine.
Jomari: Tito Dougs was saying kelangan nya nang janitor fish for his aquarium. To keep it clean.
Pops: Okay.
Jomari: And I said “Sa bahay namin hindi na kelangan ng janitor fish.”
Pops: (quiet)
Jomari: Then he started laughing. Babe, why are you so quiet?
Pops: (quiet)
Jomari: Babe? When he started laughing, naki-join na lang ako. I don’t know what he found funny.
Pops: (quiet)
Jomari: Babe? It had nothing to do with you, I swear. Babe?
Pops: (quiet)
Jomari: C’mon, babe? Sorry na please… You’re so beautiful. Sinong mag-aakalang janitor fish ka?
Pops: Read. My. Lips. It’s OVER! (walks out)
Jomari: (calls out) Babe! You’re beautiful!