Wednesday, April 1, 2009

are you a bazaarista? a concessionaire? or an exhibitor? i have something for you! :)

join the "SUMMER LOVIN' EXHIBIT" at Fort Bonifacio!!!!

school end celebration and summer getaway exhibit

everything sweet.. everything light.. everything fun.. everything nice..

a summer fair like no other to celebrate the end of the school year and to welcome the heat of the summer..

May 1-3, 2009 at the Rizal Drive Park (alongside net office buildings and near McDonalds and UCC), from 10am to 9pm.


what is it about?

* it's showcase event of "new summer hobbies" to encourage family bonding, friend reunions, and clean and fun barkada gimmicks..

* it's an avenue to contemplate and prepare for forthcoming summer plans and activities..

* it's a gathering of hobby enthusiasts, restaurateurs, travel agencies, summer workshop trainers and retailers for the marketing of their summer collection/programs..


what makes it different?

* it's unique features and highlights. summer lovin' is a combination of various concepts. it shall have the following booths following the festive summer theme:

car display - luxury, assembled or new collection

hobby booths - arts and crafts making, soap making, painting, flower arrangement, jewelry making, cake decorations, cross stitching, tshirt designing, crochet making, scrapbook decorating, dog grooming, wine and tea tasting, etc.

summer workshop booths - inquiry and orientation booths for summer programs and trainings

travel and summer wedding events showcase booths - inquiry, set-up display, information and photo booths of summer wedding destinations and travel packages for wanderlusts and honeymooners.

make-up demos for ladies and pet fashion show for dogs and dog-lovers

summer collection - clothes, accessories, home stuffs, gadgets, and cosmetics showcase to be enjoyed during the season.

food for attendees and food gifts for summer parties


how will it look like?

* the set up would be like most of the "summer fairs" in other countries which celebrate the sun, the place shall be covered with tents but would not be enclosed (open air).

* the set up would exude light, fresh and festive mood.

* there would be balloons, colorful swags/draperies and themed booths.

* there is a section for the stage, eating area, hobby area, retail/showcase booths area, food booth section (segragated to heavy meals and take-home) and car display.

* there may be a section for the "kiddie pool" for the fish spa and sandbox ala beach for kids and kids-at-heart.

* there may be an area for "free massage" by the Blind.

total area: 1,000 sq. m.

stage area: 30 sq. m. (elevated platform made of wood)

activity area: 150 sq. m. (10 plastic tables with 4 plastic chairs per table)

fish spa area: kiddie pool with doctor fish that will cover around 5 sq. m.

sandbox: wooden platform with sand that will cover around 10 sq. m.

car exhibit area: 120 sq. m. (6 cars, each car will cover around 10 sq. m.)

exhibit area: 450 sq. m. (8 columns, red - arts and crafts, orange - hobby booths, green - gadgets, blue - retail, yellow - food. the entire area will be covered with portable tents).


target exhibitors:

* fashion booths with grad ball / party dresses, swimwears, surf wears, slippers, summer bags, summer/graphic shirts, tanning lotions, bath soaps, shoes and summer accessories, home, novelty and pet accessories..

* hard-to-find booths..

* gadget booths..

* showcase booths..

* travel agency booths..

* summer workshop/training booths..

* summer hobby booths..

* make-over booths..

* light food booths with summer snacks..

* light food booths with take-home items..

* heavy food booths with rice meals..

* heavy food booths with non-rice meals..


how much?

the rate for the booth exhibitors is P3,500 only (that's good for 3 days). booth exhbit space is 2x2 sq. m.


who will attend and why people will come?

because of these tentative acitivities and highlights:

* best summer flicks film showing

* posh pup fashion show

* burger eating contest

* summer tea tasting season and summer salad making

* summer wedding planning

* summer time singing and swinging social party

* all day round free massage by the Blind

* part of the event proceeds shall be donated to the Real Life Foundation

* shall give earnnings for the blind folks from the Center for Advocacy Learning and Livelihood for the blind

* entance fee is very cheap at P40 only.



Anonymous said...

Tip No# 1 for Bazaaristas: Never ever fall prey to other opportunist bazaarista’s tricks.

This summer I joined a bazzar for the very first time. I met a fellow bazaarista who showed an interest in my items and showered me with friendliness and false promises. She volunteered to sell my items in a consignment basis. I was hesitant at first but I gave in. She seemed like an honest and reliable person, very friendly and amiable. A month has now passed and have yet to see a single cent. I called and texted her to remind her of the payment but her replies became few and unfriendly. I have now reconciled with the fact that Iam never getting my items back nor my money. It was such a stupid decision to trust a complete stranger. So never ever at any point be a victim to these bazaarista’s. if someone wants your items make them pay in full. Pay or no deal…that’s what you tell them. And by the way she interviewed my tindera first so also remind your tinderas to be vigilant and never to give anything away… where you buy stuff etc etc… the important things. You can never believe how many evil opportunist are lurking in bazaars.

truebloodedpinay said...

hey anonymous, thanks for that :) very helpful :)