Wednesday, April 22, 2009

on-line raket :)

Hey Daddies, mommies, and also students!! I have something for you. :)

I'm a work at home mom and trying to have an extra cash, I saw these sites and I want to share them with you. With this one, PATIENCE is a MUST! Because you're going to start earning with cents. But i find it easy because all you have to do is to click for advertisements that these sites will give you - you can even do this while chatting with your friends or surfing the net - (I do this while working) so why not give it a shot?

Sign up to today!

Sign up to today!

more PTC sites! :)


Unknown said...

hi mami ako rin yan din ang pang extra income ko and they are all listed sa

truebloodedpinay said...

hehe.. pero ngayon sis sobrang busy na ko di ko na maasikaso :( hassle...